A Volunteer’s Experience – January 2015

My first experience was very eye opening. Thank you!

My daughter and I went to Cobb’s at 130th for our pick up. It was an unpleasant cold day and the driving was slippery. I guess they did not have a lot of business that day because the store looked full. It was then that the staff told me I was taking almost everything I could see. I asked what would have happened to all the bread if I had not come? She said it would have had to be thrown out. I couldn’t believe how many large plastic bags we packed! At least 10 bags full of bread made that day. I was worried that I would not get it all into my car. But with some creative packing it all went in! See picture. My car smelled like heaven as we drove into town to the drop in. The staff there was wonderful. I am so glad that I volunteered that night. – Abby, LeftOvers Volunteer

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