Executive Team

Lourdes Juan
Founder & Executive Director
Jennifer Proudfoot
Anita Quach
Special Projects
Claudia Wong
Pauline Chen
Ang Lang
Social Media
Liz Lebardo
Jin Zhang
Special Projects

Team Members

Uzair Tazeem
Special Projects: University of Calgary
Jeff Fraser
Website Team
Chloe Mansfield
Social Media
Jillian Kalinowski
Social Media
Patty Shapka
Jennifer Li
Laura L

Board of Directors

Barb Carra
Board Member, Vice President Policy & Strategic Initiatives, Cybera Inc.
Jillian Frechette
Board Chair, Marketing guru, YYZ transplant living in YYC
Donna Vecino
Secretary, Community Liaison, Mustard Seed
Brent Wisby
Board Member, Benefit Consultant, Fairfield Watson & Lewis
Aviv Fried
Board Member, Owner, Sidewalk Citizen Bakery
Jason Goodwin
Treasurer, Accountant, Goodwin & Hanson Chartered Accountants
Dana Silver
University of Calgary
Portia Juan
Fund Development Manager

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