Cobs Bread (various)

Blush Lane Organic Market


Good Earth Coffeehouse and Bakery

Mirage Banquet Hall


Youth Empowerment & Support Services

Bissell Centre

Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op

We have been a partner of LeftOvers for over two years and are proud of the positive impact the organization has had on the community. It’s a heartening feeling knowing that LeftOvers plays a significant role in reducing waste and helping to feed those in need. As a business in the food industry, LeftOvers makes it very convenient to be a part of, by picking up food ready to be donated and delivering it to other service agencies. We are happy to see the continual growth of LeftOvers and will continue to support it to insure that there are more filled tummies and less food waste in our community!

Lindsay and David Rousseau

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