Cobs Bread (various)

Blush Lane Organic Market


Good Earth Coffeehouse and Bakery

Mirage Banquet Hall


Youth Empowerment & Support Services

Bissell Centre

Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op

We love working with Leftovers! For a very small business it can be hard to find the time to run around and donate our extra food. Although we always wanted to be able to do give the extra food to those in need, physically we didn’t have the staff to do it. With Leftovers, we are able to support our community, donate all our extra food, allowing us to both give back and create less waste. Leftovers makes it extremely easy, we just store all the extra food, and they pop by and pick it up once a week, so easy!


Business wise, I believe that supporting your community is one of the most important things. That community is what supports your business and if there are people struggling in that community you should try your best to help them out. With Leftovers, they make it so easy to help those in need, you already have the product and it isn’t being used, so why not give it to someone who really needs it.
Deidre Lotecki

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