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The Leftovers Program has been a huge benefit to our programs at Antyx Community Arts. Teenagers in general usually are pretty hungry when it comes time to after-school programs and will often binge out on snacks or whatever food is available, however unhealthy. Having food at each session is essential and “breaking bread” together is key to fostering sense of community. We also have many youth that come from very low income homes and sometimes they are not always able to get a meal during the day, or many meals. Many times programs don’t get funding to purchase food for the youth, and this is a very important part of having programming in the prime after-school hours. This program has been a benefit to all of our programs, north and south, allowing us to provide a warm, safe space with healthy, nourishing food and allow them to be concentrated on their programs instead of worrying about a hungry belly.


Also, We have been partnering with Forest Lawn Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary. So not only is our food drop off serving around 30 Antyx youth a week between all of our programs, but then extras get split up with their programs to feed an additional 40 mouths at their location. We re happy to be supporting an anti-waste initiative, while at the same time making sure we can feed our kids nutritious and healthy meals on shoestring budgets.
Stephanie Banszky

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