COVID-19 YYC & YEG Community Food Redirection
Photo Credit: Jim Wells/Postmedia / Jim Wells/Postmedia

COVID-19 YYC & YEG Community Food Redirection

With the current situation changing so rapidly, some businesses are temporarily shutting their doors and cancelling events. As a result, we are beginning to see a spike in on demand food donations in Calgary and Edmonton.

At the same time, access to food has never been more difficult for many members of our community. Whether it’s students who have been isolated from their only meals of the day, seniors who are at-risk every time they leave home, or the many who have recently lost their jobs due to this crisis, we are seeing an unprecedented need for access to food.

But also unlike any other time, we are faced with equally heightened need for safety. Not only do we need to be there for one another, but we need to ensure that we are physically distanced from one another.

We are doing our best to redirect this increased amount of food to service agencies that remain open as well as to those who are unable to leave their homes and are having difficulty accessing food.

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