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Become an advocate for an equitable and just food system. Monthly donors provide consistent support that stabilizes our operations, meaning our community can take on any challenge we face.

—Your recurring donation makes a positive impact on your community and the environment each and every month.

On a scheduled day each month, your pledged amount will be charged to your credit card. You could set it and forget it – but why would you want to? Take a moment to celebrate yourself for doing monthly good in your neighbourhood.

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A monthly donation includes:

Your Donation At Work

A Small contribution goes a long way

$15 Donation Stat

Your $15 donation keeps our app running smoothly 

$30 Donation Stat

Your $30 gift equips one volunteer with a scale and thermometer

$50 Donation Stat

Your $50 monthly gift supports our entire food rescue team – thank you!

Ready to donate? We can wait for you to join our community.