Food That We Pickup

At Leftovers Calgary, we adhere to the food safety guidelines set by Alberta Health Services in order to ensure the health of the public that accesses the donated food.

As a result, the majority of the food we transport is classified as low-risk food. Low-risk food items include commercially canned food, whole fruits and vegetables and dry goods. High-risk foods that we do transport are dairy products and donated ready-to-eat cooked foods that are not leftover from customer plates.

High-risk foods will be transported in a container that maintains the temperature below 4°C during transport. Foods that we are unable to handle at this time include meat, fish, home-canned foods and home-processed foods or vegetables (jam, pickles). Thanks for your cooperation at protecting our patrons’ health!

Q: What if the donation agency listed on the online schedule is closed when I get there?
A: This situation shouldn’t occur but if it does, please bring the food to the Drop-In Centre at 1 Dermot Baldwin Way SE or the Alpha House at 203 15 Ave SE. Both of those locations are able to accept food 24/7!

Q: Who is able to do pickups and how do I get started?
A: Anyone can do pickups! Please see our volunteer page and sign up for the route that best suits your schedule.

Q: I’m interested in signing up as a Vendor to donate food, what is the process to be part of the program?
A: We only do recurring and scheduled pick ups. Vendors must sign up to the program and meet with one of our executives for volunteers to start pick ups.

Q: Can I take photos during my volunteer route?
A: Photos of you volunteering and picking up the food is encouraged! Please send your photos to However, no photos are to be taken at the service agency, to respect privacy and sensitivity.

AHS Guidelines for the Distribution of Donated Foods