IDEA Commitment

(Inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility)

The team at the Leftovers Foundation recognizes that issues within our food systems are deeply rooted in racial, economic, and social inequities. We want to be an organization that is working towards positive change, but also one that acknowledges our shortcomings and commits to doing better. We are at the beginning of a continual journey towards addressing the systems of oppression that impact marginalized communities. As part of this commitment we are:

  • Providing formal IDEA training for all staff and key volunteers with an aim to bring attention to unconscious bias and a deeper understanding of different types of privilege
  • Implementing an intentional and focused DE&I strategic plan that will assess how we can make equity and inclusion a priority in all areas of our organization such as hiring, engagement, fundraising, and program delivery¬†
  • Providing paid internal resources in the form of a part-time, executive-level position dedicated to IDEA and an IDEA leadership committee to move initiatives forward

We are continually learning and adapting to create a better, more inclusive space for those from marginalized communities and welcome feedback and dialogue. Please connect with us by reaching out to our VP IDEA & Admin – Darany at

Racial Inequity Commitment

In addition to our IDEA commitment, the Leftovers team also understands that many inequalities are perpetuated by white supremacy and the historic oppression of IBPOC communities, which we fully condemn. As we continue to educate ourselves and deepen our understanding of how this impacts the communities we serve today, we publicly commit to the following:

  • Continually educate ourselves deeply about anti-racism, especially within the food system
  • Amplify the voices of those with lived experiences and prioritize their perspectives in our decision making
  • Extend anti-racism work into all areas of our internal policies and practices
  • Ensure the safety and inclusion of marginalized communities
  • Ensure racial inequity is something that is discussed openly as part of moving towards a more just food system

On behalf of Audra Stevenson (iCEO) and Shannon Ramdin (Board Chair)