Sometimes we get donations of large amounts of one food item (for example very ripe fruit, cheese or milk that is nearing its best before date, etc.) that service agencies don’t have the capacity to use quickly enough before the items spoil. Instead of letting this good food go to waste, we work with local chefs to repurpose ingredients into high quality, marketable cuisine.

Benefits of Upcycling:

  • Reduces food waste (and the associated greenhouse gases)
  • Conserves resources by eliminating the need to grow and transport fresh raw materials (and the associated water used/pollutants produced alongside these processes) to create food products
  • Reduces product cost, making high quality food products more accessible to all
  • Helps promote food waste awareness and creativity in our community by implementing innovative, sustainable solutions to everyday food waste problems!

Some upcycling projects we’ve completed so far include:

  • Several different beers made with rescued peaches, pears, and limes @ Cold Garden
  • Ice cream made with rescued bananas @ Made by Marcus
  • The entire menu from our Raise + Rescue fundraiser!