The Home Harvest program allows for community members with gardens or fruit trees to have their produce harvested. Half the harvested food will be donated to a service agency or our Anew upcycling program and the other half will be split between the grower and the volunteer. As a grower, you are actively reducing food waste and food insecurity—it’s good for you, the community, and the environment. Reducing food waste starts at home.

Volunteering to harvest food is free to anyone and volunteers will have the ability to take home some of the food. You can start volunteering by downloading our Rescue Food App.

In Edmonton, Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton has handed over backyard fruit rescue to the Home Harvest program. You can find out more about the partnership and find more information about OFRE’s continued programming.

In Calgary, Leftovers is exploring collaboration opportunities with Calgary Harvest. You can find out more about Calgary Harvest and their work.

Since inception in 2020, the Home Harvest program has harvested over 474 lbs. of locally grown food.

The Home Harvest program relies on the generosity of neighbours just like you. If you have any excess food in your own yard, from fruit trees, gardens, or plants, sign up as a grower and donate some of your harvest.

Fill out the form below if you are interested in taking part in the program for the 2021 Home Harvest Season.