I have endless gratitude for the work Leftovers and Loop do for us! Our people don't get access to this quality of meat and produce. It's been an incredible addition to our kitchen, feeding us and the community, on top of saving us thousands of dollars. We love working with them.

Leftovers Calgary has played a pivotal role in ensuring our pregnant clients, and new mothers have access to a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Our clients are always busy with appointments and checkups for themselves and their babies; the donations received from Leftovers have proven to be the perfect breakfast on-the-go or afternoon snack.

To ensure our clients are reaching adequate caloric intake for pregnant and nursing women, Emma House serves approximately 8,000 meals per year. Access to nutritious and convenient food is paramount for our clients to ensure a healthy pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. Leftovers Foundation saves us significant dollars each month that are then allocated towards other services in helping vulnerable
mothers thrive.

Thank you, Leftovers for everything you do!

Two Wheel View has recently become a partner with Leftovers YYC and we are so grateful to them for providing snacks for the youth in our programs and our volunteers who give so much to the running of our organization. Every member of the Leftovers team has been incredible to work with and keep surprising us each week with amazing deliveries. It is important to us to be a part of food rescue because sustainability and waste reduction are highly valued at Two Wheel View. Thanks to Leftovers YYC for doing such great work in our community and supporting organizations like ours!

Blush Lane Organic is a generous parter with Leftovers YYC. Every Sunday their cheerful staff brings boxes of beautiful fruits and vegetables to the overhead door. I fill my truck and backseat with a bounty to share with the Calgary Dream Centre. At the Dream Centre young men help unload my car all the while expressing gratitude. The young man today called the food a Blessing. Today's share was 160 pounds. Volunteers do what time and talent permits. I feel grateful to be part of a chain that starts with farmers and growers and pickers. To know that the beautiful food is not going to waste makes me happy. Blush Lane Organic and Leftovers fills a void in my life.

Thank you Leftovers Foundation for the weekly delivery of food to support women and children fleeing family violence. Your support is greatly appreciated. The gourmet coffee is a great way to start the day and a life free of violence and abuse.

We have been a partner of LeftOvers for over two years and are proud of the positive impact the organization has had on the community. It’s a heartening feeling knowing that LeftOvers plays a significant role in reducing waste and helping to feed those in need. As a business in the food industry, LeftOvers makes it very convenient to be a part of, by picking up food ready to be donated and delivering it to other service agencies. We are happy to see the continual growth of LeftOvers and will continue to support it to insure that there are more filled tummies and less food waste in our community!

We choose to work with Leftovers because it is the right thing to do and we want to help people in need. It is important that we donate to service agencies in need as we are in a position to do so and why would anyone choose to throw away food that could help feed the hungry and make a positive impact to our local landfills and environment? Working with Leftovers is also beneficial for my business because it assists us in managing our daily wastage, and this is a necessary part of running our business.

Leftovers Foundation allows us to help families in our neighbourhood supply healthy meals for their children. In supplying our families with the food we receive not only are they able to supplement their meals but they are able to free up some of their budget for other things such as rent or bills. We are very appreciative of the partnership with Leftovers and are excited to continue on this journey of supporting our clients where they are at.

Leftovers help us give our participants and their mom’s the best experience at My Best Friend’s Closet by providing them with (much needed) delicious pastries.

The Leftovers Program has been a huge benefit to our programs at Antyx Community Arts. Teenagers in general usually are pretty hungry when it comes time to after-school programs and will often binge out on snacks or whatever food is available, however unhealthy. Having food at each session is essential and “breaking bread” together is key to fostering sense of community. We also have many youth that come from very low income homes and sometimes they are not always able to get a meal during the day, or many meals. Many times programs don't get funding to purchase food for the youth, and this is a very important part of having programming in the prime after-school hours. This program has been a benefit to all of our programs, north and south, allowing us to provide a warm, safe space with healthy, nourishing food and allow them to be concentrated on their programs instead of worrying about a hungry belly.


Also, We have been partnering with Forest Lawn Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary. So not only is our food drop off serving around 30 Antyx youth a week between all of our programs, but then extras get split up with their programs to feed an additional 40 mouths at their location. We re happy to be supporting an anti-waste initiative, while at the same time making sure we can feed our kids nutritious and healthy meals on shoestring budgets.

Leftovers has the heart and passion to direct food to where there is need, and do it with great care and organization. Easy and pleasant to partner with.

With dignity we are proud to offer a variety healthy foods & baked goods that bring our community together over a snack & cup of coffee. Leftovers allows us at the Women's Centre to offer choice and quality when offering snacks to women in our Centre.

We love working with Leftovers! For a very small business it can be hard to find the time to run around and donate our extra food. Although we always wanted to be able to do give the extra food to those in need, physically we didn't have the staff to do it. With Leftovers, we are able to support our community, donate all our extra food, allowing us to both give back and create less waste. Leftovers makes it extremely easy, we just store all the extra food, and they pop by and pick it up once a week, so easy!


Business wise, I believe that supporting your community is one of the most important things. That community is what supports your business and if there are people struggling in that community you should try your best to help them out. With Leftovers, they make it so easy to help those in need, you already have the product and it isn't being used, so why not give it to someone who really needs it.

Calgary Leftovers has not only helped Food for Peace deliver its programs of feeding those in need, but it has changed the way we look at food and challenged us to be creative with our menu plans. With their support we are able to sustainably offer multiple events per month, allowing our volunteers as well as our clients the opportunity to enjoy vegetarian meals, while keeping good food out of the landfill.